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Deprecipes – Simple Beginnings

Depression has a great many symptoms that we don’t talk about much. We know all about the sadness, the emptiness, and potentially harmful thoughts but, actually, you don’t even have to be sad to be exhibiting symptoms of depression. Appetite changes can actually be a huge indicator of a depressive episode, way before emotional symptoms happen.

For some people, these appetite changes take the form of a hugely decreased appetite. Undereating, not being able to prepare food, and just plain not eating for long stretches of time. For others, they overeat. This may take the form of comfort eating, turning to junk food rather than something nutritious, or being just plain hungry all the time.

Both of these situations are not ideal. What we want is to nourish our bodies, to an appropriate level, and keep ourselves healthy and comfortable. Of course, it’s never that simple. But we can try!




And with that, I’d like to talk about something I’m calling Deprecipes! Great recipes to use when you’re deep in a funk, but still wanna do the right thing. I’m going to try and keep these relatively cheap, and always simple.

So, without further ado, here is an almost insultingly simple recipe for you! 


Kickass Tortizza



  • Tortilla (1 per serving)
  • Tomato pasata/puree/pizza base (a couple of spoons, enough to coat the tortilla)
  • Cheese (as much or as little as your little heart desires)
  • Other Toppings


This one is super simple. It’s basically a pizza, but with a tortilla base. I love this one for lunch and dinner. It’s as healthy as your toppings, super versatile, and very quick to prepare. I firmly believe that tortillas are a staple ingredient, especially for those of us who need convenience.

Turn your oven on. This is only gonna take like 5 minutes to prepare, but it’ll give you a headstart.

Take out a tortilla, and lay it flat on a baking tray.

Choose your pick of base sauce. I generally go for a simple tomato puree, because it’s very cheap. Spoon out however much you’d like, usually about two or three heaped teaspoons worth. Spread it evenly across the surface of the tortilla, using the back of your spoon.

Select your toppings. I personally enjoy chicken. In order to keep things simple, I use ready-cooked chicken breast. You can buy a ready-prepared version of whatever tickles your fancy.

Rip up your pre-cooked chicken into small, even pieces, and spread them across your tortilla.


For veggies, I like sweetcorn. I use tinned sweetcorn, but you can also buy it frozen. It’ll defrost very quickly in the microwave, and having it frozen will help you reduce waste. Spread a little of your sweetcorn across the surface of your tortilla.


You can substitute for your own toppings, of course.


Next, is cheese. I use a pre-grated cheese, because the extra cost for me far outweighs the extra motivation I’d need for preparing it myself. This can work out cheaper if you grate your own, but it’s very helpful to have the ingredients available immediately. Cover your tortilla surface with as much cheese as you like. For me, that’s a very small handful.


Once you’re all done and your tortilla is topped to perfection, slide that baking tray on into the oven.


You have like, 5ish minutes to try and distract yourself from the void.

Put all those packets back in the fridge, clean any mess you left on the counters, and maybe get yourself a drink of water. If you have meds to take, now’s a great time to do it.

The time you have while you wait is a great time to integrate one of your Tiny Changes.


Whap that badboy out once the cheese is melted to your preference. Plate it up, and cut it into quarters. If I’m having this as a more substantial meal, I’ll have more than one, and in that case I like to fold it over and eat it like a quesadilla.


Now you’re free to go lie on the floor and think about stuff. Ya did good, kid.


Cost per serving: £1.09


  • Pack of 8 tortillas – £0.95 (12p each)
  • Tomato Puree – 50p for 200g tube (5p/serving)
  • Cooked Chicken Breast – £2.00 for 240g (60p/serving)
    Tinned Sweetcorn – 35p for 325g (less than 5p/serving)
  • Pre-grated Cheese – £1.90 for 250g (27p/serving)

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